CONGLOMERATION [kənˌglɒməˈreɪʃən] n a mass of miscellaneous things.

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Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway pleads guilty to bank fraud

Mr. Manning's comment on the article reflects my feelings as well, only more eloquently,

"This is simply pathetic! Only 18 months sentence for out-and-out fraud. This is a good example of the inequality of our legal system which favors who you are and who you know. There was no reason to offer Hathaway a plea deal. There was no question as to her guilt so she should have been tried to the full extent of the law. You commit a fraud like this and you should go away for 10 years. So this is a prime example that the law is not equal for everyone. So if you are a Michigan Supreme Court Justice, you can commit any kind of fraud or crime and be assured you will never meet any meaningful jail time if you are found guilty because you can get short-time jail time. And this is the woman who sat in front of others and passed judgement....simply pathetic."

I agree! (said in my Obama voice) Drew & Mike use that drop all the time!

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